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Reiki and Spiritual Healing in Finchley, North London

Reiki and spiritual healing are two of the oldest natural ways of helping the body to heal. They have been practised through the ages to great effect. We are all connected to the source of healing energy, and we can all practise healing to some degree - many people do so without realising it.

My name is Juliusz. I have chosen to spend a considerable part of my life to date exploring spirituality and healing. As part of that journey I became a reiki master / teacher and a qualified spiritual healer. My healing practice is based in Finchley, North London in the London Borough of Barnet. I have practised spiritual healing and reiki for many years - I can recall working with healing as a child. Yes, I underwent training, but I was born with my healing ability, as many people are.

The whole process of healing (whether spiritual healing or reiki) is very simple. Everybody is able to work with healing energy as this is freely available to everyone. All that is required is a willingness to connect to the source of healing energy and to allow it to flow.

Over the years I have worked with many people who have come to see me as a last resort. Many of those individuals, not all, recovered from their condition. I have also assisted clients in having a peaceful death. Healing is not only about working with terminal illnesses or those that are seriously ill, it is a wonderful way of feeling connected and experiencing a deep sense of relaxation. It is helpful to allow ourselves the time to recharge on a regular basis.

Spiritual healing and reiki help to remove blockages and emotional turbulence, and are great to experience as an everyday wellbeing tool. My clients tell me that they feel better, and lighter, after each healing session.

Clients may feel intense heat or cold, from my hands, during a healing session, which is normal, and reflects the vibration of the healing energy that flows during a session. Some clients visualise colours and or have intense emotional experiences. Some report that they have felt as if they are bathed by a warm spiritual presence.

My reiki and spiritual healing practice is based in Finchley, North London in the London Borough of Barnet, a few minutes walk from Finchley Central tube station. I am within easy reach of North Finchley, Whetstone and Totteridge, Barnet, Highgate, Hampstead as well as central London. Finchley Central is on the High Barnet branch of the Northern Line. My practice is also well served by bus routes - numbers 13, 460, 125, 143 and 326 all stop nearby.

My healing practice in Finchley is easy to find. Parking is also freely available.

I also offer distant healing, which enables you to receive healing wherever you may be.

Some insurers cover the cost of treatments under their health insurance packages.

Being a reiki practitioner and spiritual healer, in North London and being able to help clients in need from my practice in Finchley is very rewarding. I gain immense satisfaction from assisting the wellbeing of clients with my reiki and spiritual healing practice.

"Juliusz is a truly wonderful energy healer - my reiki experience today left me feeling like i was walking through the clouds and in deep meditation, Juliusz has an amazing positive energy and a very beautiful aura. The treatment passed all too quickly.
Many thanks Juliusz , i will be back to your warm and peaceful home soon!"
KT, London

"I enjoyed an excellent, professional Reiki session with Juliusz this afternoon. I'm not a stranger to Reiki and Juliusz Wodzianski ticked all the boxes. Thank you!" ST, London

"I have felt much calmer and relaxed since my session and will come back soon for another one as I can see that it is helping me a lot. Thank you very much." SB, London

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful healing last night. It was certainly deep because when I got home I was still disorientated and went straight to bed to continue resting. This morning I felt much lighter/clearer and it was very much a home coming." CD, Middlesex

“I really wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to Juliusz, the reiki treatments are such a deep and incredible healing experience for me, leaving me feeling deeply relaxed and centered, and with such a positive energy. Discovering his practice was truly a gift, he is an absolute angel and such an inspiring and beautiful person. I could not recommend him highly enough.” GV, London

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I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation and you can see my UK Reiki Federation profile here. I am also a healer/counsellor member of United Spiritual Healers.

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I am a master teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation, a professional governing body and which sets professional standards. All members of the UK Reiki Federation are required to continually seek to become better practitioners by engaging with continuing professional development (amongst other things), and which is monitored each year.

I am also a healer/counsellor member of United Spiritual Healers, which works towards upholding high standards for spiritual healers.

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